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#STRask - February 17, 2020

Questions about Abraham serving a non-kosher meal in Genesis 18:6–8 and the story behind the chicken sound on the intro to the other podcast.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | February 17, 2020

Interview: John Dyer – From the Garden to the City

Brett talks to John Dyer, author of From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology.

Podcast Episode | Christianity & Culture | Greg Koukl | February 14, 2020

#STRask - February 13, 2020

Questions about whether Jesus’ body limits His soul and what’s meant by “a reed shaken by the wind” and “a bruised reed He will not break.”

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | February 13, 2020

Politics Will Not Save Us

Are we looking to politics to deliver something it can’t deliver? This is a question we should carefully consider as we enter this tension-filled election time, adjusting our passions and hopes appropriately.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | February 12, 2020

The Three Kinds of Doubt and How to Address Them

Brett talks about addressing intellectual, emotional, and moral doubts, then he answers questions about discerning between description and prescription in the Bible, discussing the deity of Christ with JWs, and talking to parents about a child with gender dysphoria.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | February 12, 2020

Humans Are Still Evolving

With Darwin Day right around the corner, a popular-level article offers evidence that humans are “still evolving,” but what do they mean by “evolving”?

Blog Post | Science | Alan Shlemon | February 11, 2020

#STRask - February 10, 2020

Questions about whether the creation account is a polemic against the false gods of the surrounding nations and whether God would allow someone to be deceived into thinking he’s regenerate.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | February 10, 2020

Concepts Greg Learned from Francis Schaeffer

Greg talks about how he was influenced by Francis Schaeffer, then he answers questions about the nature of morality, whether body-mind-soul is a good analogy for the Trinity, and Hell.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | February 7, 2020

#STRask - February 6, 2020

Questions about whether it’s okay to pray for someone’s salvation in light of free will and the purpose of fasting.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | February 6, 2020

What We Need to Learn about Prayer from the Early Church

The book of Acts provides a recorded history of the vital role prayer played in the lives of the disciples. If we want improve our prayer life, it might be helpful to look to them for direction.

Blog Post | Theology | Tim Barnett | February 5, 2020