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The Nativity Story

Christmas pietism, for me, typically peaks mid-December.  Usually by now I've seen enough flippant crèches and sappy Nativity reenactments that I'm tempted to just dump the entire Christmas story into the cultural dustbin, where it can rub elbows with Santa, the reindeer, and Bing Crosby.  Easier that than salvaging it from a culture that perverts every sacred thing it touches.  Besides, having dispensed with the details of the story itself, I'd be free to meditate on the Nativity's true significance, it

Blog Post | Theology | Derek White | December 12, 2007

Seven Score and Four Years Ago

On this day in 1863, President Lincoln delivered one of the most significant orations in American history.  Today's Writer's Almanac marvels at the economy of Lincoln's prose:

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | Derek White | November 19, 2007

On the Feast of All Saints

From the Rev. Berthold Von Schenk:

Blog Post | Theology | Derek White | October 31, 2007

A Magisterium by Any Other Name

It's frequently said that the opposite of Christianity is not atheism, but idolatry.  In his 2006 book Catholic Matters, Richard John Neuhaus (former Lutheran) explicates this dictum's lesser-known corollary, that the opposite of the Roman Catholic Magisterium is not sola scriptura, but Concordia Seminary:

Blog Post | Theology | Derek White | October 10, 2007

Hello Kitty, Goodbye Masculinity

The New York Times reported last month on the unusual new disciplinary tactic of the Bangkok police force: It is the pink armband of shame for wayward police officers, as cute as can be with a Hello Kitty face and a pair of linked hearts.

Blog Post | Theology | Derek White | September 21, 2007

For the Sinner on the Go

Advertised in the latest "Communion Resources" catalog (click for full-size):

Blog Post | Theology | Derek White | September 7, 2007

If You're Not Part of the Solution...'re likely part of the World Council of Churches.  Behold their latest brainchild: Evangelical groups have joined efforts spearheaded by Roman Catholic, Orthodox and mainstream Protestant churches to create a common code for religious conversions that would preserve the right of Christians to spread their religion while avoiding conflict among different faiths...

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Derek White | August 27, 2007

Overcoming History

Johannes von Döllinger, a nineteenth-century Bavarian church historian, once announced he could not accept the claims of papal infallibility made by the First Vatican Council since they included historical statements that were demonstrably false.  In response, Cardinal Henry Manning of Westminster famously declared, “We must overcome history with dogma.”

Blog Post | Theology | Derek White | August 13, 2007