Everybody at STR,

You have a most AWESOME ministry! I am deeply grateful for your work. It's what the Church needs now. Thank you


Dear Alan, Stan & ministry team,

I could not wait to share with you this story. An hour ago, I received a call from Beshoy, one of our CMI'13 students. He was meeting with a group of people in a study course, where they had an assignment to discuss an issue of an unborn child who was known to have a disability and whether they should abort her or not. First they were divided into two groups and he was on the group that was asked to play the pro-abortion role. He did it well :). But then they were seriously discussing the issue and they had 4 people of the whole group who was completely for abortion. Beshoy used the arguments he has learned in the classes with Alan Shlemon during the Christian Mind Institute. He was very excited over the phone to tell me that he managed to convince them all with the pro-life way of thinking, saying no to abortion. Wow, I am so thrilled to hear such a story of how the Institute is impacting lives and sending ambassadors in our world. Praise the Lord!


Just a word of encouragement...

I was in Udaipur, India last week and met a fellow at a restaurant who was teaching apologetics at a local bible college. I asked if he know of Greg Koukl and he responded, "I love his work!" He came to know Greg via his book "Tactics"...same as me. He also noted that he had just downloaded "Cold-Case Christianity". Thanks to all of you at STR for your work that is making an impact in all corners of the world. Blessings.


Dear Brett and Stand to Reason,

I was a part of the Desert Springs Youth Group who went to Berkely in June. Your organization is outstanding for representing Jesus and furthering the Kingdom. It as a lifetime opportunity to minister and learn from you. Thank you so much.


Dear Greg Koukl,

I wanted to share with you an experience so that you know your writing from the article “Paul, Romans and Homosexuality” which I read on Bible.org has been very meaningful to me and a few of my friends. I found the article quite refreshing because it present the issue in clear and distinct terms without a long drawn out dissertation on the subject. The part about Natural Desire or Natural Function says it clearly which also goes to the scriptural definition of marriage.

We are in a society which says just accept me for who I am regardless of the activities I am involved in. But when you tell them you love them while pointing out to them that their lifestyle is unacceptable based on the word of God, they take it as rejection and are usually offended. They don’t want friends who won’t defend them.

This isn’t just limited to the issue of homosexuality. A friend of mine’s wife had an affair and while he was willing to go to counseling and did everything possible to get her to stay, she had made up her mind to leave. So she filed for divorce. Then when all her family and other friends in the church told her she was wrong, she simply found new friends outside the church that would support her position.

I play in a number of Christian Fantasy Baseball leagues and from time to time we share prayer requests and general thoughts on our struggles as men of God. This week when the NBA Player announced he was gay, two of the brothers posted a note that it was sad our society continues to champion this lifestyle and applauds those who make their announcements to the world.

I sent them the link to your article. In the 1st response I hope the impact is that he will again visit with his brother to see if a relationship can be re-established. Then the 2nd reply shows how the Holy Spirit can reach out and touch heart of the person reading the article.

1st Response

"Thanks for the article. I agree man will go to great lengths to justify one’s own sins. My brother is a homosexual and it's been something I have struggled with for many years. I, like my dad, have a hard time talking to him because he doesn't want to hear the truth but instead wants approval and acceptance. Because of this I have barely spoken with him over the last several years. I know that is wrong because I'm not showing him love but instead basically hating him because of the sin. God is working on me though and it's amazing to see how He is changing my perspective."

2nd Response

“...Phil! Thank you for sharing this. You can almost literally see and feel, while you read, ones spiritual sense acknowledging the Holy Spirit as the inspirational source of this teaching.”


Dear Melinda,

Just a quick note to let Greg know how valuable his way of articulating the Gospel has been to me. I've been a Christian since October 30, 2003 and the fire for Christ has not burned out. It only seems to get stronger.

While surfing Lee's site one day, I watched Greg debate Deepak Chopra. It was excellent and I laughed about the days before I came to know the Lord and how much I had esteemed Deepak's teachings. I forwarded the video to my boss, who frequently throws me out of his office for talking about the Lord. He was convinced by Greg's argument and changed his position on the validity of the Scriptures.

After watching all of Greg's video's on youtube, I decided to debate a few atheists on the web. They wanted to know what "brand" of Christian I was because I didn't sound "crazy." The webmaster of that site pulled the plug on me the next day.

Three weeks later, I was invited to be a guest on a local radio talk show on the subject of New Atheism. Two weeks after that, an inspiration came to launch a study group: www.Meetup.com/AReasontoTrust

When the hate mail comes in, I use it as an opportunity to preach Jesus and Him crucified. Its terrific! I received an email from an atheist who, after reading the site, told me that more Christians should approach Christianity this way and will be very interested to see how successful the group will be.

An atheist on the site challenged me yesterday on dying/rising god fictions. Your Sept/Oct 2009 newsletter came in just in time!

My experience has been that Greg's teachings create conviction because they include the whole counsel of God. Also, he keeps up with changing mental environment of the world and equips me to address it Biblically; this has been extremely valuable to me.

I took a class at our church last year called, "Impacting the World for Jesus Christ." It was there I was willing to admit (out loud) that evangelism is my passion. It was a scary moment. The Lord has given me the privilege over the years of being used for His plan of salvation of those around me. I often feel I do not deserve this privilege and do it with my heart pounding and my stomach in knots.

Anyway, this is a big thank you note for Greg. Thank you for your commitment to God's Word. It has fanned the flames of my faith into a roaring fire. May He rain blessings down on you for the rest of your time here with us.

In the Name of our Lord,


We are all so grateful that Greg was able to teach, enlighten, inspire, and challenge so many at Christ Community Church yesterday. You are fortunate to be able to work with such an effective, articulate, energetic, and caring man. What a valuable ministry! If there is anything we can ever do to be of help to STR, either me personally, our church, or our senior pastor, please let us know. There were a few people from some other churches that attended and I'm going to encourage them to exert some initiative and have their own STR day at their churches.

More ought to know about the work you do. As we reflect on our time together, we see how well Greg builds the need for sharing our Christian convictions as he is teaching how to do it. It seems so obvious, yet, he insightfully clears a distinctive path through the trees.

Thanks for all you did to make the trip smooth and successful. Everything about STR points in the same direction, is of the highest quality, and reflects the values of our great God. I know that it isn't easy to do this and requires vigilant effort to details.

Many thanks and blessings to you!


To All Who Serve at Stand to Reason,

Thank you so much for helping this ministry continue! We are so blessed by all the materials that are available for our growth in Christ. We both serve as military musicians in Naples, Italy so our job often keeps us from consistent fellowship at church. STR podcasts and CDs have filled in those gaps as we’ve been able t use them as a resource to grow with each other and other Christians we work alongside. In fact, in the New Year we will be starting a weekly group to work through the “Ambassador” curriculum with the material we got through the website. We’re really excited! We have many people we work with that are unsaved and who have been deeply influenced by the books written by the “New Atheists”. We’re looking forward to using the tactics to engage them and we’re praying to see many people transformed into believers!

Luis and Sara E.

Gday Greg,

We met in 2005 in Toowoomba, Australia and I have listened to every podcast since. I was 19 at the time and working in the video department at the church where you spoke as a part of Summit. We got to speak a few times that week and I remember approaching you at the end of the week and thanking you for your nature and demeanor throughout the process. I just wanted to let you know that in many ways, what you and others spoke about that weekend allowed me to be a Christian.

I say allowed, because Summit was literally the first time I had ever seen logical people speaking rationally about what I thought should have been one of the most rational and interesting topics before mankind, the nature of life and God. Simply put, it was the first time I had seen Christians who could think.

Perhaps that's a little of an exaggeration, but your lecture on "Truth is Not Ice-Cream", as well as Michael Bauman's "The Meaning of Meaning" were the first times I had seen intellectuals speaking logically and coherently about Christianity.

It was what I needed to realize there was truth behind the 'emotions' of Christianity that I witnessed at my church and others. For the first time I saw that people could be smart at the same time as being Christians and in fact, that Christianity is the most logical ananswer to life's really tough questions.

So thank you! I am 22 now and I have spread the good word of STR as much as I can and I have grown in my faith a lot thanks to listening to you and your guest speakers. I now listen to and read a wide variety of Christian thinkers like William Lane Craig, Peter Kreeft and Ravi Zacharias as well as the old classics like Lewis and Chesterton- all because four years ago you 'left a stone in my shoe' ;)

Thanks again - your friend in Australia