Where Do I Start?

Stand to Reason (STR) equips Christian ambassadors with knowledge, wisdom, and character. STR teaches the value of using our minds to love God and share the Gospel.

We focus on the basics, the fundamentals of theology and ethics, and the fundamental tools of thought. We teach not just what to think, but how to think. While STR may not be unique in the information we give, we are distinctive in the way we use the information.


An accurate mind

An Ambassador must have some basic knowledge. Minimally, he must know the character, mind, and purposes of his king.


An artful method

Knowledge must be deployed in a skillful way. There’s an element of wisdom, a tactical and artful diplomacy that makes his message persuasive.


An attractive manner

Because an ambassador brings himself along in everything he does, his personal maturity and individual virtue can either make or break the message.


These three areas—knowledge, wisdom, and character—are the three areas all Ambassadors for Christ need to continue to grow in. Sometimes the task can be confusing and even overwhelming, but breaking the job down into these three areas makes it simpler. You can lay a foundation you can build on for the rest of your life. Plan to grow in knowledge, tactical wisdom, and character to be a high-impact ambassador for Jesus Christ. 

Get Equipped by Going Deeper

Here are some carefully selected articles to help you cultivate a sensible faith by increasing your knowledge, sharpening your tactical wisdom, and building your character:

Is the New Testament Text Reliable?

Can we know for certain that the New Testament has been handed down accurately? Yes, we can.

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Religious Stew?

The serious flaw found in religious pluralism, which is the idea that when it comes to religious issues, all roads lead to Rome.

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Never Read a Bible Verse

The single most important skill for every Christian is, never read a Bible verse.  Instead, always read a paragraph at least.  

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You Want to Be a Good Apologist?

Reading through the Bible every year will give you a good grasp of the whole of the Bible and how things fit together.  Here is a good plan for accomplishing this doable task.

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Goal of Tactics

Stay in the driver’s seat of any conversation without being pushy, uptight, or unpleasant, but also without having to be especially clever or knowledgeable. 

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The Intolerance of Tolerance

Probably no concept has more currency in our politically correct culture than the notion of tolerance. Unfortunately, one of America's noblest virtues has been so distorted it's become a vice.

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The Columbo Tactic

Using simple, leading questions is an almost effortless way to introduce spiritual topics to a conversation without seeming abrupt

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Strive for Clarity

My job in evangelism is to focus on presenting and clarifying the gospel and its implications, not to convert people.

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What Does It Mean to Have Conversational Character?

What it means to have good character when engaging in conversations regarding ethics, faith, and values. 

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Be a Parable of God's Grace

Throughout salvation history, God has used visual parables to teach people truths about Himself, and when we are gracious to others, we become part of a parable of God’s grace.

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Give ’Em Heaven in Practice

We can talk about the kind of people we should be, but we’re more likely to actually make changes when we think of specific ways, people, and situations in our lives where we can give a little bit of Heaven.

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Your Life Is a Letter

Paul says that we are "living letters" that others read.  Greg makes a suggestion for a way to apply wisdom when engaging others.

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Ambassador's Creed

Download printable version of the Ambassador's Creed


An Ambassador is alert for chances to represent Christ and will not back away from a challenge or an opportunity.


An Ambassador adapts to each unique person and situation, maneuvering with wisdom to challenge bad thinking, presenting the truth in an understandable and compelling way.


An Ambassador is careful with the facts and will not misrepresent another’s view, overstate his own case, or understate the demands of the Gospel.


An Ambassador knows that effectiveness requires joining his best efforts with God’s power.


An Ambassador has informed convictions (not just feelings), gives reasons, asks questions, seeks answers, and will not be stumped by the same challenge twice.


An Ambassador is careful with language and will not rely on Christian lingo, nor gain unfair advantage by resorting to empty rhetoric.


An Ambassador is provisional in his claims, knowing that his understanding of truth is fallible. He will not press a point beyond what the evidence allows.


An Ambassador won’t quarrel, but will listen in order to understand, then with gentleness seek to respectfully engage those who disagree.


An Ambassador is sympathetic and understanding towards others and will acknowledge the merits of contrary views.


An Ambassador will act with grace, kindness, and good manners. He will not dishonor Christ in his conduct.

Free Download

Now that you have the basics, STR would like to offer you this free MP3 download, Ambassador for Christ: The Essential Skills, to further challenge yourself with a practical model for how to be an Ambassador for Christ, as Paul says all Christians are. You’ll learn the three essential skills—knowledge, wisdom, and character—so you can continue to improve your skills and be more useful to God to reconcile sinners to Him.